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Kazoo Errand Runners is defined by our commitment to service, detail, flexibility, creativity, resourcefulness and excellence.  We place special emphasis on not only meeting clients' needs and expectations, but to exceed them at every interaction.  Our friendly and energetic staff will leave no stones unturned in making you happy and being sure we get it right the first time, every time.

We take great pride in our ability to individually tailor our services to each of our clients.  Whether you are an individual or a corporation, we will design our services in a way that suits your needs perfectly.  Our people can do house cleaning and office cleaning,  run personal errands and be your personal assistant.  We can wait at your home for delivery people, service people, and the movers (We do packing and unpacking too).  We can drop off your utility payments, go grocery shopping, do your gift shopping and gift wrapping.  We can go to the bank, the post office, the dry cleaners, and the pharmacy.  The list is limited only by your imagination!

Our clients range from busy executives and frequent travelers, to new moms, working families, couples, single parents, and retirees.  Whatever your situation, you can count on Kazoo Errand Runners to take care of the necessary, the practical, and even the mundane, so that you-the-client can get on with living your life as you wish.
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Kazoo Errand Runners  has a mission of providing affordable errand services for businesses, busy people, and anyone who needs help because of age, illness, or injury, in Portage, Kalamazoo and the surrounding communities.  Our errand services include everyday activities that range from grocery shopping and bill paying, to prescription and dry cleaning pick-up and drop-off.  Our errand runners can pick up a few items at the grocery store or do your grocery shopping for the whole week.  Our errand services include store returns and video returns.  Our errand services include locating, purchasing, and securing event tickets, or making reservations and tee times.  We have errand services to box items and deliver items to the post office, UPS or FedEx.  Our errand services include pick-up and delivery of take-out orders from your favorite restaurants, or taking your car to get it washed and waxed, or drop it off for service and maintenance.  We have errand services for doing product research and price comparison shopping for almost any item you can think of.

While errand services is the foundation of Kazoo Errand Runners, we have added many other services to accommodate our clients requests.  Our errand services provide a wide variety of services for your home.  Errand services include pet sitting services, where our errand runners will walk, feed and spend play time with your pets.  House sitting is another popular errand service for clients who will be away from their home for anywhere from a few days, to months at a time.  Our errand services include bringing in the newspapers and the mail, watering plants, and turning lights on and off to give the appearance of someone being there.  Our home errand services include general yard maintenance such as mowing and leaf removal.  Errand services include waiting at your home for deliveries.  We can wait for the utilities, cable, phone, and Internet repairmen  when you can't be there.  Our home services include listing and selling household and personal items on eBay and Craigslist.  Our home errand services include having our errand runners do house cleaning, window washing, and garage/basement organizing.  For those moving in and moving out, our errand runners can pick up moving supplies like tape, packing and boxes.  We can help pack and unpack your boxes and wait for the movers to arrive or depart.  If you can think of it, our errand services can probably get it done for you!

Kazoo Errand Runners offers many errand services tailored to businesses.  We have errand services provide courier and delivery services.  Our business errand services can offer temporary office help for things such as word processing, typing, proofreading, filing, phone work, and data entry.  Other business errand services include purchasing and delivering supplies, and planning office functions such as holiday parties or golf outings.  Our errand runners can organize your offices, and help set up and break down home show and fair booth displays.  Our errand services even include staffing your displays.  Our errand runners are available for general gopher duties.  Our business errand services include listing and selling excess stock, unused tools, used office furniture, and used vehicles on Craigslist and eBay.  We have errand runners who can also function as personal assistants for busy office executives.  Our errand services are perfect for your employees personal needs as well.  Allowing your employees to be productive at their jobs while our errand services accomplish the tasks that often require them to take time off work, can be a great benefit to your business.

Senior errand services has become an increasingly popular part of the errand services provided by Kazoo Errand Runners.  Our errand services include transporting seniors to doctor appointments, and can even accompanyng them in to see their doctors.  Our senior errand services also include either doing grocery shopping for our clients, or taking them to their favorite grocery store to do their own shopping.  Our errand runners can pick-up prescriptions, go to the post office and the bank.  Senior errand services include doing housework, laundry, and general yard maintenance.  Our errand services can simply stop in and check up on your loved ones after storms, during heat waves, and cold snaps.  Senior errand services include assisting seniors in making purchases for items like televisions, appliances and home improvement, helping avoid scams and over spending.  Our errand services can help our seniors by providing services that range from simply taking them to the park to teaching them how to use a computer, all done with a smile!  Gift certificates are available for all of our errand services!